Are there no real gentlemen left?

there are ways to tell, 

there are things that require no comment

or divulging.

opened eyes have invariably produced a stinging heart

oh justice why do you mock me? 

Sitting with your love song dedications for another wrong 

ive herd them all before 

song title ofter song title  

professions your hands are clean.

No unfortunate circumstance.

just a sum of bad choice.

i guess I'll have to wear it 

and add it to my thorny crown 

You don't like me as much as before.


fuck you!

you can do do better

and I expect more too.

i ant that broken piece of shit anymore

take your shot 

then take a bow

cause the show is over!

time to get real.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nice love songs. Whatever, love you too.

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