visions of yesterday still ringing in my head

Glorious visions of our future

but youre too afraid to go there

holding you back is some stupid archaic notion

an honour long passed for those who even valued it

and yet you stick to it like saftey that is only an intangible hope floating over a cliff as you fall

still believing you can get out of it all ok.

and truth is you probably wont.




you leech from the deserving to give to the leeches

and that shaky vine bridge over that chasm seems to hold your impending doom

but if you can hold on to nothing and believe in it

imagine what could happen if you just hold on to me?




I dont want to walk into the lions den again and again with my back up

I dont want to keep pulling nails and knives out of my back

I want to drench myself in the sun

and feel both your arms wrapped around me

but you wont let go of the lie e

ven though you know the truth.




Im still prying your fingers free

I wont give up though

I can feel them loosening

and I can tell you could almost trust me




come on baby,

lets fly!



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roseblossoms's picture

regaining trust is never

regaining trust is never easy....

The past willl always resurface


Like pulling crooked rusty nails from a board,

you may get them all out, but they will never

be shiny and new...They will never look the same

When trust has been broken the person will

always be tarnished,


Any how, great Poem on trust!