As you lie

I trace the landscape of your strong figure in my mind
As I watch over you sleeping; the gentle rise and fall of ribs
Juxtaposing an imposing presence chiseled and firm

The fervent vervent rings of pleasure echo down my thighs
So wanting I weaken my stance, my resolve softened
Your tresspass forgiven however, the penance is still due

I reach out a careful finger tip and draw spiral symbols Of passion
and punctuate them with radiant circles of lusty designs
I trace the lines of my mind with delicate strokes
I find my way along the line of hardened fire and the object of my desire

It springs to life in a rhythmic hypnotic trance half aware
Drawing opon the tender skin my designs of ardor
Tips are met with gentle lips sensously brushing
adding the warmth of color to my delicately drafted blue prints

Warm breath gives life to the mighty serpent pulsing
Magnetically pulling arousal rhythmically swaying in a gentle dance
Firm hips turn and pull forward marking a light awareness
A gentle song of moan escapes the throat followed by an echo

Looking up and meeting crystal grains falling And eyes widening
Ahhhhhhhhh! You scowl And grabbing satin locks
and crumple them clenched in your fist Pulling up and gently resting
On my crown as your body begins to cave in
and your pride transferred back to your wanting loins...

Part two will follow...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

.?. Well?

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