Ive turned this dial a thousand times
in a different direction
Ive walked away down the street
and always End up going around the block
Ive learned I cant Go far
Ive driven for miles and
always come back
to where you are.
Ive cruised the streets
looking for a better version of you,
They havent shown up yet.
If you could just break a little,
Show me a little.
It's been so long its getting so cold.
Kick me when im down
Do what ever you want
just dont forget to love me
my bones are getting so cold.
Warm me through like you
Used to, thats all. A look a touch,
Give me something real.
Your mother was someone
I never wanted to be
I told you from the start
this is who I am
A freespirit
And the things I'll never be.
You said you could handle it.
But I could never reach
your expectations
Which overshadowed my own
I was a free spirit
who just realised
I was never free,
and from you
never will be.

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