How I ache to sleep but oh for my little prankmiester
my little sprite the sandman wont enter my space
he wont spare one grain of sand on me.

It would all lie with the goblins fault and misdemeanors
however sworn black and blue he did not frighten sandy away
I have it on his goblin oath not that it would stand in daylight.

Now I look under the bed to find the hand that grabs your ankle
when it is able and I ask it what have you done to poor old sandy?
Now the hand did its best to sign he had no idea though I am not fluent in sign

that middle finger decline was surely a dead giveaway for an alibi
so I asked the the little people you know the ones that find the things you lost
and put them back again or borrow them before you remember them again

well I asked if they had taken my grains of sand and they were quite offended
for me asking and well, that is what they do when feeling quilty and forgetting to ask
before they borrow what is not thiers of course. but their denial led me some where else to think.

So, I went to the bogey man and there he was laughing as hard as ever holding a bucket
of sand and keeping it to savor the humourous folly that I would endeavor. So I said
I know why Sandy hasnt come over no more I wonder, hes out looking for this pail of slumber!

now Bogey was laughing so hard that the pail went all over the yard puting ants to sleep
now every body knows that ants never sleep! How silly is that? I decided to put an end to this nosense
so with a Yawn as big as texas I summoned Sandy to appear and there he saw is pail dear.

he swiped it from the bogey man and done and dusted put him off to sleep for a week every body knows bogey men dont need to sleep on account of their tricksetter ways but at least we all had good nights rest and I was free to dream of wonderful things like rainbows, dogs and firehydrants with bogey men lying next to them sleeping unawares.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Staying up late to tend a sickly but wonderful child and entertain them :) get well soon my darling I love you. xoxoxox

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