Backlit against Infernal flames

I guess it's true
Youre back
I saw you today.

You looked magnificent
In a blood red polo
You were driving past
with your phone plastered
To your ear.

You saw me going in
the opposite direction
You pretended as you got closer
To be absorbed in the conversation
I almost thought to beep and wave
With a finger in the air as we do
That middle one has a special meaning too.

I thought twice and I watched your skin
Wrapped around your muscular frame
You jawline sending tingles just the same
It was only an instant but I memorized
Everything I saw so that i could again recall
And enjoy your manliness, your aura backlit
by the sun glowing
behind your back
my infernal flame

I left it
quietly I passed, i let it die a silent death
looking forward to the sky thinking
Of what you had just done
I wasn't prepared
I was lost in shock

I knew,
I heard today
was the day you'd be back.
But I didnt think
I'd run into you this way
I know how it feels now
to have my coldness
reflected in your face

I hurt you
and your notion of
a grand sweeping love
But it could never be anything
but a dirty secret.

I love you both
too much for that,
And you never promised
More than you could offer
And I know you very well

I have known you forever
And will know you this much again
Till the next time around
and the frozen winter ends,

Perhaps we can be what we used to be
Two very special friends. Who would rather
Wait for heaven to be together in the end

I know you feel the same but I'll just pretend
That we are playing our very favoirite same old game
Of loving as frienemies while still burning
the eternal flame

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