Never champion a cause to your own detriment!

I dont sympathize 

I analyze 

I dont judge

But if it'll screw me over somehow 

I wont budge.

The taste of power never stops 

It never sees the destination as equal

It only sees revenge 

The downfall of a system 

They will jump in and replace. 

I'm equal opportunity 

Not equal rights.

Equal choices 

Not favouritism or tokenism

Real quality requires nothing but hard work and mastery

Those who are subjugated must find a way out

Rescuing the self is a long lost art

Replaced with offensivism 

As if that's  a legitimate card to play.

No criticism or profiling 

Mediocrity at its most mediocre 

A loss of self worth and elevated pride 

Do yourselves in one at a time 

Fall for the tricks of emotion over mind 

I'm of the opinion if the shoe fits your soul has to wear it

I dont deal with exceptions to the rule

I only consider them a side factor the ratio speaks.

Its all in service to a greater good

Which requires the attributes of honesty and mercy

Not pacification. 

Be who you are

Be the best one you can find out how to be

And dont be afraid of looking at many coins on both sides

But when you decide to advocate leave it to those 

Who want it most

because your altrism and causes may just make you

Your own tool for your unwitting demise.

Dont believe me?

Youll see. 

Chose diversity 

Chose recognition 

Never be beige

And dont fight the fight 

Untill you know exactly what you're fighting for

True freedom is choice

Whoever limits choice


History always repeats.



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