Leave me alone


You didn't care when I was out on the streets 

A kid in the same torn off jeans and black tees

You didn't think twice when you gambled away our lives

You didn't pick up the phone when I needed a call

You didn't ask me to join you and your favoured one

For any thing but money forget any fun 

You never listened when I spoke

You never care if I don't

You never came when it mattered

No audience, no show


Well now, it's all about you and those credit mongering empty things you do

So no you can't play happy family,

No I won't be entertaining or helping your friends

Nor your special adopted lost case daughters 

And no you can't have any money,

neither can they. 

No more stepping on my back

No more rubbing it in 

No more excluding me,

No more public shows with me in it

No more running around for your endless causes

No more obliteration of my spirit!


but oh no, what really upsets you is

There's one less like on your face book status 

 people are watching

All your lies and stories will start to unravel

I guess you shouldn't have asked someone to keep important things a secret

If you want something you'd better ask me direct

Because I'm dying to say no

I'm dying for it all to show

How much little you respect 

Who and what I am 

What I've achieved

How I'm percieved


For all those times you made me carry your grudges

While ms favoured one had all the right excuses

Now your all confused poor thing!


It's simple, 

I asked you to choose nothing big in fact it was small,

If you go I'll never speak to you again

You said you didnt care

But you see I did

It was your last chance to choose me just once

Now you want something I just can't give 

I guess we're more alike that way than we think



For all those plastic good times

For all the invites never extended

For all the ones rejected

For all the favours unreturned

For all the times you listened to every other dick

For the countless ways you make me sick

For all the times you cut people out of your life

For every good time you turned into strife 

For the floggings that were never justified 

For all the times I was crucified 

For all the lies you let burn

It's your turn










Author's Notes/Comments: 

You never did take me seriously.

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