dusty is busty

lusty and vibe

make you laugh

so hard you cry


she has a big heart 

and she has big smile

she a great sense of humor

i think i make her my tart


she can stand with me

she can handle me

she can deal with me

oh gosh i am in for it it now


i my son adores her

and so do i 

to soon to say 

what will become of it


the way she laughs 

the way she pushes back

the things she does oh my

we are friends or more 


i am confused 

we said together

we take it slow 

2 days we have kissed

2 days together


i wonder if its me

or is it her 

when she is here

my heart skips a beat 


to see my son so happy

to have a woman in my house

she is like my little mouse

she is a star


Author's Notes/Comments: 

dusty ty for coming into my house and being a great friend or more

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