gamers unite

A gun, shoot , multikill

all the signs of fps or some

slash , clank , kill

all the signs of rpg

push , breath , concentrate

all the signs for life

once a gamer not much anymore

now a life time of family to explore

the up the downs

and everything around

and the special moments games cant make

for everything is special about kids

time to settle down

time to think for the family

time to realize the.....

my wife i love so dearly so much

my son i love top hold and touch

my life has meaning and and all that feeling and nothing compares to the family i have

this may not be a poem but i statement i declare my self a family man now and i will do what i can for my family and

my gaming time come when everyone is in bed

to all my friends who game , there comes a time when gamers unite but always remember family comes first i am learn this the hard way and now its my love that i have to with not the pvp , pve, pvh or pva i love you honey and i hope you like this declaration

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have been a gamer for 20+ years and now it has to stop or be minimized

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