How , the H stand for honesty

being forward with people

understand karma and respect.

How , the O stands for openminded

being openminded is not jugding

of peoples wrong doings.

How , the W stands for willingness

understanding the things you have

to accept and the only thing you can

change is your self.

For this word HOW i have made a new life

to understand the meaning of what i need to change

but being honest with my self and being openminded

about what people say to me and be willing to change

for the better. My life is a twisting rope

of love hate and respect , i try to understand the threads of life but knowing you will never understand is a pain

a pain that stays for a long time. the only way to release the pain is to be openminded upon others , i understand this is not poetry but this alone is a life lesson which many could learn i am learning from this and now i must say where do i leave my next mark in life.

For this was written for you and i and hopefully you understand what i mean and you will be this way i now look

on life as the word H-O-W .

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