Love Story

we have destination a place where 2 people meet,

a place where time slows down to a slow pulse,

a place where love is higher than anywhere on earth,

2 bodies become one and become a full or a whole,

love was at first sight ,touch or smell,

a place where you know you are safe and nothing can get hurt you,

trust is a bond a secret place of 1

where rivers flow of passion,

i am finally whole for i have reach the point of no return i am on holy high a high that covers all problems and pain goes away only to disappear forever,LOVE - a strong bond of spirits that meet in a energy of flowing romance i have found my match my love my other half a feeling the you cant explain when your time come you know that nothing can break the spirit you now share..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to a love that wont go away for i have made my foundation to build a life i hope she shares this the same

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