tornado of love

tornado is a spirial of which to emotions twist together

where love meets

its when a feeling or a pain goes when they are not sure

oh......may they are sure they person in the eye

is all spinning and dizzy and they relize the feeling

but too scared to say a thing

not of the person but of them self

its me and yuvette my gf we never seen each other but i love her like i love tornados i have mixed feelings

i dont know what to do travel over land and look or

travel over sea and and drown not drown as to die

but to live for ever with damaging no one

i am a tornado mixed in this love of pain and feelings

that i want to share with the world i spin with happyness

and i say like a whistle i love her but want to .....

enjoy my life but like a tornado it will die ...

i dont want this feeling to die i will progress in to a hurricane and be the world in stead of a tornado my heart is spinning my heart is spinning my heart is spinning and i stop right in front of the most wonderful person in the world will i know what she looks like in soul the eye is in the centre of her heart my eye looks in the centre i want to see her i miss her

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