Late night cig

I can't sleep 

I don't dream 
Never been this deep 
Everthing seems to team 
On me
Being good 
Being there 
Always good 
But never here, 
In my own 
I don't get a bone
Leave me to cry 
Bitch I don't even try, 
Putt it in my cut 
Slat in the cup
Your the one pouring 
While I am exploring 
In my mind 
Don't care what mine
Take what I want 
Got no room to taunt 
Cause I know 
That you knew
And I am threw. 
Nights got me thinking 
And you out drinking
You don't even feel 
It's got you out 
And you knew the deal 
Now your flopping like a trout 
Drunk and high 
Gotta tell you bye
That shit we did 
Shit you hid 
From the others 
From your brothers 
It's all shinning 
And its blinding, 
No good for me
But I am good for you
Where's my due? 
Other fuck? 
Or should I duck? 
Cause you got the dick 
Playing with stick 
Of his truck 
While I am out with no luck
This is my life 
I got no lies 
I carry knives 
No ending lives
Only lies
Next time you lie there 
Just know I am here 
And your there. 
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