No one else can love you

He sits and he stares for hours on end 

He watches her every move 
She has that shy beauty 
She doesn't see it at all 
No one else can love you, not like me
He tries so desperately for her to see the beauty she holds 
She stole his heart and holds his every thought 
She is kind and thoughtful, caring and sweet 
How can no one want her , no one sees 
He's the only one to know 
What lies within 
A jaded innocence held so tightly 
She's been hurt a lot , her innocence taken early
Yet she still doesn't know what he sees 
No one else can love you, not like me
He lurks in the background always watching, waiting for the time 
Maybe she'll let him in , maybe he can show her
When she sees him fear crosses her face 
Her eyes so dark, her jaw clenched tight muscles gone rigid 
He doesn't understand ... She used to smile , she'd greet him warmly 
Now she turns and goes the other way, some one puts their arm around her
He hears her sob, cry out its enough please just leave me alone 
He doesn't understand he tries to get her attention
She's held tight in an embrace but he can see her shoulders shaking 
He's hurt her so much, but he's only trying to make her see
No one else can love you, not like me 
He'll wait, he can bide his time 
He'll get her alone and then maybe she'll see 
The day comes he's been watching, a day for joy 
This the day she was born , she'll let him in
He'll make her see, then happy they will be ... No one else can love you , not like me 
He goes to her home , it is dark but she is alone 
He knocks , she answers 
Shocked at what he sees , gone is the beauty 
Nothing but darkness crosses her face 
She sighs .... And says you need to go 
I'm not what you need 
He says no one else can love you, not like me 
He holds a knife, he grabs her wrist at first she fights 
Then her eyes go blank she sighs and relaxes , then quietly whispers .... 
No one else can love me , take me with you 
He looks at what he's done , the Crimson trail down her arm
She's not fighting , but she is not there 
Eyes once so bright and full of life
Now empty, with no more fight 
She waits in anticipation for him to finish what he's started .... 
He turns to walk away and she drops to the floor... Sobbing she's an empty shell 
No one else can love you, not like me 
She's not sure what happened , but eventually the call comes 
This nightmare has ended he is no more 
Shattered and broken he's ended his life 
She cries for him saying no one else will love you, not like me 
Her world is full of dark, she is broken and battered
Stripped of all she was ... Haunted by words constantly said 
No one else can love you, not like me 
With scars most will never see 
No one else can love you, not like me 
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