I'm Lookin' At You

There I go and here we are

Sitting face to face

We never thought we'd wind up here

Sharing the same space

The look in your eyes says tell me now, tell me now

Captured by grace in your smile

Captured by grace all the while

I'm lookin' at you, I'm lookin' at you

The smoke in the room is clouding my eyes

I can't seem to see my thoughts

As I get up to move you brushed my hand

A feeling that can't be bought

The warmth in your touch says tell me now, tell me now

You become so clear in the haze

All I can see is your face

Your smiling at me, Your smiling at me

We went spinning, dancing 'round the moon

But we never left the room

You sang out every star by name

I'll never feel the same, But we can't play this game

This day is done, I can still hear

The life that's in your eyes

Can't fall asleep, I toss and turn

Thinkin' bout you by my side

Could it ever be in this life, In this life

I slink back in my head as I lay here in bed

I'm dreamin' of you, I'm dreamin' of you

Are you dreamin' of me too

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