Better Life Then This

Woke up this mornin' to the sound of your heart

And I knew that I must go on

Opened my eyes to see your face

My head was humming this song

The window shines with the light of the day

As you smile in your sleep

Photographs of the past rip through the halls of my mind

Replaced by these I wanna keep

In one split second I live my life with you

In a dreamlike, waking state of bliss

The room was humming harder with thoughts unclear

And I won't ask for a better life then this

My contentment pours out of you

Like the sweet smell of jasmine

The sent of summer rain comes from your eyes

I've lived a liftime in this moment

In twenty-three years i've been a boy

But you made me a man at last

I could never repay what you've given my soul

My life is in your grasp

I thought I'd never give all of me again

This moment changed all that

I'm yours till the end of time

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