Runnin' High

There was a day not long ago

But I'm not sure when

I hit the road and I felt free

I'm gonna do it again

Heavy drifting through the sound

Tires on the lines

The hour glass is running low

With the sands of time

I feel like I'm runnin' low

Thoughts meander through my dreams

Scared to wake up and move

Don't know what it is that's holding me down

Got to get in a groove

Dancing in the dew soaked grass

As the dawn breaks the day

The purple sky is endless and wide

Gotta carry on the way

Someone else's thumb is holding me down

Keeps me in this place

Just wanna bust out wild and free

Feel like a bird in a cage

Pure freedom gonna come my way

I just long for the time

A handful of weeks coming soon enough

I'm gonna take whats mine

I feel like I'm runnin' high

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