One of these days...


One of these days I will face my fears and say I love you,

and I will also admit I cry at night wishing to be close to you.

My heartaches have made me feel like I will always live

my life in agony if I’m not with you.

The other day I walked deep into New York City

from The Bronx that I found myself lost.

I was lost asking myself how life would be around me

if we weren’t together, and I felt the answer physically.

The feeling I got that night was a feeling no one wants to imagine or experience.

I felt like a baby being taken away from its mother,

and thinking would I ever grow without her.

One of these days I’m going to forget whom I am,

and think about whom I want to be with you.

My life has no serenity if I’m not with the person whom I love.

I can travel far in distance,

but I know the beauty you have that captured my heart has no duplicates.

One of these days we will realize we are in love with each other.

One days these days, but why not today?

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