Remember Me


Roses are red and the sun and moon is jealous of you.

You so beautiful that I think there isn’t one guy on earth that’s good for you.

Give me a chance to embrace you in my arms where you will always feel safe and warm.

Just one kiss from your lips would be like heaven with no rules or limits.

I may not be the guy of your dreams, but I hope one day to fully fill your needs.

You may have your heart in a different place, but I will forever hope for that change in your heart.

So help me God I will get on knees say a prayer to keep us in lust, and forever in love.

God said let there be light, and the beauty of the earth which is you.

Live your life with who you want, but remember I’m not better,

but the one who would of gave you more

than four letters in the word Love.

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