Say What?

Love and Hate

Last night you told me how you felt.

My heart was like ice under the sun,

because what you said made my feelings melt.

A feeling that was hard like a rock, got crush by your hurtful words.

Now! If you ever try to speak to me, I’ll spit on you like I do to dirt.

Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, like the people in London dress in red with a big long black hat I’m just going to stare in the mid air.

I can careless all you deserve is disrespects, not just from me, but absolutely everybody. You’re like the sickness I get when I come across human waste.

I thought you were my heart taker, booty shaker, and back breaker.

I thought wrong; you’re just like a bad habit.

I wish I had never loved you, but I did. I regret every moment of it.

Girl, you’re like food when I don’t like the way it tastes I throw it away.

You’re like a blockbuster video rental;

I won’t even rewind the good parts about you.

For the record, girl you’re like electricity and I’m like a rubber we will never come together.

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