All I wanted was your love


Sun light hits my eyes, as another new day appears

should I awake or should I just sleep.

What’s the use of me going outside?

you walk away whenever I approach you.

Sit down with me at least five minutes,

and hear what I have to say.

Every word out of my mouth is true,

there’s no reason why I should lie to you.


May I call you that?

The year is ending, and we’re not even friends.

We have a gap between us;

you make me feel like Leonardo from Titanic

“I’ll never let you go.”

When I see you my eyes follows your destination,

and it also makes me realize there’s no other

even if I call U.S. Search.

The one I need is you,

talk about love at first site.

I passed you about nine times

still you capture my eyes.

This love isn’t possible to deny,

just like Jim Carry I can’t lie.

Julius Caesar got betrayed,

and stabbed more than ten times.

That’s the way I feel when you don’t even try

to see the inner me.

We had something;

five or six words from me changed everything.

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