Don't Cry Little Girl

Child Abuse

It’s not your fault to suffer the way you do,

and I’ll try my best to make things different for you.

I see your watery eyes everyday,

and it causes me pain to see someone

nice as you go through so much agony.

I can’t believe this is really happening

to a little girl that has hope, and future dreams.

Don’t cry little girl, because you will be free

to the world of serenity.

Why must this one girl go through so much soreness

with her family?

Isn’t a family supposed to love you,

then why is your family neglecting you?

The corners in your house are your best friends,

and I don’t blame you.

Standing in a corner being told not to talk

is more than torture, its insanity.

Don’t cry little girl, because it’s not the end of the world.

You will survive the neglects, punishments,

and recover from the depression you’re facing.

I wish there was more I can do,

but there is so little I can do than pray for you.

Dear god, please answer this little girl prayers

I know you know she has prayed everyday of her life.

She doesn’t ask for much,

but a loving person with a heart.

Find her a place where she can be loved.

Don’t cry little girl, I prayed for you yesterday,

and I have a feeling soon

everything is going to change.

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