Everlasting Friends


We were strangers that seek for a friendship.

The times we spent with each other made us inseparable.

The problems we solved together made us wiser.

We laughed together,

and we cried on each other shoulders.

We shared secrets and stories.

When we needed help with anything

we had each other to depend on.

We tutored each other.

We did homework together,

and started gossip too.

We played spades on the cafeteria table,

and said jokes too.

We played volleyball, softball, and

occasionally basketball.

The times we had in school were fun.

We had difficult tasks,

but sticking together like we did got us through.

We are everlasting friends

and no matter what happen we will always

have each other in the end.

You can only lose friendship

when your memory of that person is erased.

You will always be in my

past, present, and future memories.

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