Female vs. Male


Female: What you know about love? Are those your words to capture my heart? I’ve been broken hearted before, and those were the exact words that started it all. What makes you think you’re different than the guy who shattered my feelings before?

You say I love you, but words are words lets see if you have any energy in your system to make a move. Maybe if you show me another way to a better love, you just might win a small piece of my heart. Lets say I have this little crush on you, in other words what are you planning to do. Get me roses, but in reality is buying things to get my heart, is bogus. Keep your mind focus, and know this I have feelings for you, are you willing to hear them? Better yet ask me if you want to feel them. Let me know what’s in your heart. Don’t get me wrong I love you too, but let me know how this is going to work between me and you? Hey, Romeo when are you going to kiss me?

Male: Love is expressed in so many ways, but my love for you is not the type that can be erased. I don’t know who broke your heart before, but if there’s anything I can do, let me restore your feelings to the time you most felted love in your heart. I love you more than saying it; I love you more than my life, and what life brings in the future and more. There’s more love in the air if you’ll willing to explore, and take a chance to see what would be the outcome compared to before. Crushes are good, and even better when you let the person know what’s in your heart. I love you too much to let you go easily, but if you have feelings for me I’ll sit down in an instant and hear you sing the love I long to seek for. The greatest love is not the one that can be bought, but thought in your mind and release through your sweet lips. I wander when I’m ever going to express my feelings through our first kiss. If you need time, is said before “patient is a virtue” so I’ll wait like a baby waiting to be born.

Female: What if the situation is something like this: I like you, but I don’t know how to tell you. Would you know? And how? If I let you kiss me would you smile? You say you want to kiss my lips, but how would this begin, and what makes you think I’m going to let it end. Everything time I see you I get nervous thinking what if I make a wrong move. My tears are falling every night wanting to be close to you. But let me know what you want me to do.

Male: The only thing I can say is I Love You and the rest is up to you…

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