Remember that night?--A love story


You would think that after she partied so much, dancing with so many guys, letting them touch her, and make their way with her to a certain degree. She would want to talk about it. I don’t know her well, but from what hear, she needs to talk to someone soon.

Not just anyone, but a person who understands the situation and especially her. Elina was a young 24 year old female who spoke English with the most adorable British accent. She came to America to work for the summer. When I arrived at the camp where she started working and I for two years in a roll. The first thing I heard about her was that she lost her virginity to a Latin boy outside by the lodges. To my understanding it was her first time in the USA. What an experience she has encountered already. I was shocked to hear such a thing, and of course I had to ask her if it was true, but I didn’t. I respected people’s privacy, well to a certain point. I just didn’t like that everyone was gossiping about her.

Did she know about this rumor? Was it a rumor? I still don’t know. I felt for her. She has a beauty that makes the flowers look ugly. Well, in my opinion. She looked so innocent to my eyes. She’s a slim girl with green/brown eyes, and overlapping hair around her shoulders. Elina had a unique style of clothing, and it looked great on her. Plus, she has a college degree. So, she told me after getting to know her and all. What more could a guy want from a gal. She’s perfect. Elina is young, beautiful, and educated. At this point you would say she has it all. But I think for some reason she felt incomplete inside.

Honestly, I didn’t know what she saw in him. I was not jealous. I have a fiancé back home. I didn’t understand how she would get with someone who doesn’t want anything with her, but sex. He told me this himself. Even though I never told her. She was smart enough to figure it out on her own.

I guess it wasn’t my place to be mixed in things like that. I wasn’t officially a friend, but a stranger who words at the time were useless. Plus, why would she listen to me. Who am I? I wanted to help her. But I was falling for her.

I once heard that a male can’t have female friends. I was told that males had female friends they haven’t fu;ked yet.

I didn’t want to fu;k her. Even though, she really got me open when we went to this local bar near where we worked. We went there one night to have a relaxing time. She danced with me like she wanted to fu;k me or something. Elina rubbed on me, but it was reggae playing so I guess it was acceptable to dance like that. I still think she took advantage or maybe I did. But she was dating the Latin boy. So, I didn’t think anything of it. She also had a hand full of alcoholic drinks. So, I kept her safe. I told her that I would have her back.

We danced all night until three in the morning or so. We returned to the camp where we worked and slept. We didn’t have to work the next day, so we really enjoyed the night. But the next day did come. After that night there were rumors about me and Elina kissing and what not. Later I cleared that matter. It didn’t happen. The staff just wanted to gossip on something new.

Later that day I heard more staff members were going to the same bar again. I didn’t want to go, but I needed to go. To keep an eye on things or just to be with Elina again. I don’t know. The time was set to leave around 9PM from the camp. There were other staff members leaving at 10:30PM. I thought she would leave with me at 9PM. But I was wrong. She was still getting drunk back in the lodge after I have left. Elina was going on the 10:30PM taxi ride, so she’ll be getting to the bar roughly at 11PM. I got there around 9:30PM.

I arrived at the bar with about six staff members. Like every bar, we needed to show some I.D. The bouncer took my I.D., examined it and then let me go by. I didn’t understand how I gave him a New York State I.D. that read in bold “under 21.” Well, maybe it was fate to get in that night.

Anyhow, I got in that night like the night before, so did the others somehow. I waited for her. I wanted to make sure she was okay. Before her arrival I saw my cousin with some friends by the billiard table. I sat at a table near by with three female staff members and one of their boyfriend. There sat a girl across from me, who is also my housemate at my lodge. Her name is Aliana. The same person who told me that night she would get really drunk and try new things, because her ex-hubby broke it off with her. His excuse of breaking it off? She was too skinny. What a b*stard. She’s a pretty girl. Blonde hair and all. Yes I must admit she is skinny, but not that “I don’t eat” skinny type person. I remember that night clearly.

Aliana drank 6 margaritas and a shot of something I never heard of. Irish mist or something like that. I recall her saying that she also went outside to smoke a blunt. (Marijuana) She was done that night. I know this, because she kept saying “ya still my friend, right?” I felt for Aliana too. That boy who took her virginity, and then made up an excuse like “she’s too skinny” In order to break it off with her. What a loser. So, Aliana and I danced several times. Despite she knew her ex-hubby was present at the bar that night.

Elina, finally arrived, but with him. She must really see something in him. All I saw was a predator hunting for some meat. After a few hours the whole staff was there. We all danced and drank the night away. I guess the alcohol got the most of us. I was dancing with Aliana on a stage at the bar with the other club goers. Beside me were staff members, Tim and Issa dancing. Issa’s boyfriend (Ide) was dancing with Elina across Aliana and I. After awhile dancing side by side. I noticed Ide getting real close with Elina. I was getting upset, because I knew she was again drunk, and Ide was taking advantage of her.

Eal, another friend I knew saw the whole thing as did me. I thought that was going to the major gossip of the night. I was wrong.

To my surprise I turned around to notice Issa was making out with Tim (Aliana ex-hubby) What a scandal. I looked over again to Elina and Ide was kissing her. I don’t know if she really knew what she was doing. But I know that Ide is a true player. Making out in front of his girl, and while his girl is making out with someone else. Wow! Ide then, notice what Issa was doing and stopped her. Issa ran off the stage, Ide ran right behind her. I ran after seeing Elina crying in shame.

It hurt me to see her like that, but she had it coming. I ran up to Issa to see if she was alright, and asked her if Ide put his hands on her. She said no, but I still questioned that. I thought he did. The movement was so quick when he stopped her from making out with Tim. That I thought he did. When I got the chance to speak to Ide, and I told him to be careful with her and to keep in mind that he is not right either. I later found out that Issa accepted Ide back as her boyfriend. Isn’t that something? Not so soon after, everyone went back to the camp.

When I stepped out of the taxi I passed through the dining hall on my way to my lodge. As I was walking I spotted Elina and the Latin boy sitting at a table. We all had a discussion about what happened at the bar. Elina looked at me as if I was Ide. I tried to comfort her, and she pulled away. Then, I whispered to her “I’ve never done anything to hurt you, please don’t treat me like I want to.” After saying that I went back to my lodge.

I was tired, and I too had much to drink. I woke up the next day about 3PM to realize that Elina and I had this weird connection. I noticed since the time we have gotten to know one another. I stare at her and so does she. I don’t know what the stares mean or if I will ever find out. We enjoyed our days off, and were happy the summer was almost over.

The hours were hard, and the summer ending was good and bad. Work would be over but we may never see one another again. We all were from different countries, states and lived far apart. So, leaving soon will be hard for most of us.

I strongly thought about Elina, and all that has happened at the lodge. Couple of days past, and Elina still gave me the weird looks. Like, she wanted to tell me something or was it a silent cry for help? On one particular day she decided to sleep at the café. A place where staff would go and take time to relax at their leisure on the camp grounds. I spotted Eal leaving the café around 2AM. He told me that Elina was sleeping with the Latin boy. I was working that night, and part of my job was to make sure that everyone was secured at night. I worked from 12AM to 8AM.

But before I headed down there, Eal also told me Elina had sex with the Latin boy. The same night I went to my lodge, and left Elina with the Latin boy in the dining hall. I could not believe this, it was hard to comprehend. Elina was smart and innocent. She let some loser take advantage of her. But I remembered she told me that she would never do anything with the Latin boy. I believed her. But hearing something like that made me wonder if it’s true. I guess it was a lie the Latin boy told Eal to feel manly about himself.

I went by the café to see if anyone was awake. Through the café window I could see Elina on the computer using the internet, and the Latin boy sleeping. Elina saw me and waved hello. I waved back to her. I made gestures to her and asked if she wanted to talk or something. She nodded No! Then I asked why she was awake at 2AM. She gave me a confused look.

I felt sad that she didn’t want to talk. I walked away, and started thinking if I have done something to her that she refuses to speak to me. I thought I made a connection with Elina. Where she would be open to speak to me about anything. Maybe she was too tired. I open my heart to her, and she closed it. I was falling deep for her. I mean the friendship turned into a desire. Damn! Elina was my friend, but she also captured me.

The last night we were at the camp, we had a staff party. There everyone enjoyed beer, wine, music, and tons of food. Elina and I sat at the same table. We took pictures and drank more than we ate. Elina was really drunk, and unstable to hang out with just anyone. I asked Elina if she wanted to come to my room if she wanted to rest. I didn’t want her to fall in the arms of some guys “game” and end up doing something with him that she would regret later.

Plus, it wasn’t like it would be her first time in my room. Not too long ago she slept there, and I visited her several times in the night. She didn’t want anyone knowing she was staying in my room, and so did I. I sneaked her in the room. We spoke for a bit…We both laid down on the bed. My hand embraced hers, and we stayed quiet for awhile. It was as simple as that.

Elina wasn’t feeling good that night at the staff party, and I stayed with her in my room to make sure she was going to be okay. But something happened that night something I never thought would happened…what happened? To me? What happened when we left the camp to New York City? Things there got more intense, and more serious. “I was told that males had female friends they haven’t fu;ked yet. I didn’t want to f*ck her. Even though, she really got me open when we went to this local bar near where we worked.”

To be continued…

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