Speech for High School Graduation

High School

The decisions we make today affects the way we live tomorrow. We have gone from being infants held in our family arms to independent young adults. The sacrifices, struggles, and hard work have made us who we are today.

The encouragement of our parents, teachers, and friends made us wiser, stronger, and believe that anything in life is possible. We have fallen down in our lives, yet we always find a way to get up and try harder the next time. Everything that happens in the past affects our future, so by making a difference now, we can experience a wonderful life in the future. I thank everybody that has helped me. My parents, friends, teachers, and even people who tried to bring me down, because every experience helps you grow every second, minute, day and year. Picture yourself as an evergreen tree, because no matter what season it is, that tree always stays green. I would like to leave my graduating class of 2003 with this quote that has helped me through my obstacles in my life. “You never know until you try” So when you think you can’t achieve something. Think about that one quote “You never know until you try” To the teachers, parents, friends, and the graduating class of 2003. Congratulations!!! And remember keep trying, because you make a difference in your life…Thank you!

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