To see you once more


The night seems colder without your presence.

I watched upon a star, and asked for a wish.

A wish that has many questions and few answers, and no answers at all.

I wished for understanding of love and lust.

What makes these two words so profound yet separate from each other?

I want to stay away from you, because I fear you or regret your presence.

It’s your attraction what I fear.

An invisible spell has been cast on me, drawing me towards you, and making me feel insisting to your commands.

This leaves me no choice but to obey your demands.

I’m your servant by day and lover at night.

I have poison in my blood and it numbs my body.

I’m scared and afraid of all.

Words can drive any mind crazy, feeling the way I do.

It’s a fantasy and forsaken reality.

Who am I to predict such love between us?

Cupid is confused of us, for he does not know what kind of love I feel for you.

I admired you.

What a kiss it would be indeed to lay upon your lips.

I’m going to die one day, so why not express myself to you before it’s too late. I’m trapped with what if?

And what would be?

May I never see you again…

For I shall not know my actions in play to see you once more…?

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