Cara Linda


Cara Linda so stubborn to learn what she should. She listens to her own word instead of yours. You warned her about love and how it can blind the important thoughts.

Then, you realized she had another man in her life other than Dior.

Two is better than one, but not in this case as it is identified to be a certified whire.

No, you do not think this of her, but that’s what life sees in her.

She loves him for his love and the others for lust.

Why does she do the things she do? Or is it a must in her list-to-do?

He feels trapped as a friend who advices her to be faithful, but fight with his devilish ways of being one of her lusts.

Cara Linda’s beauty is hard to ignore.

“I love Dior” that is what she says to herself, but still in the mists of the night she exposes her body to a stranger that is not even close to her lover Dior at home.

How could you convince her that what she does is not right, but horribly wrong?

As time goes on things get worst.

She’s influenced that Dior has fallen in love for another.

Cara Linda is crushed with this news, and sad in what to do.

The story unfolds to her friend, as he does not understand why she grieves when she already acted out his bad habit.

Dior found someone as Cara Linda already did.

So, why does she feel sad after he cheated?

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