I pray for those who can


I pray for those who can't or don't know how to pray.

I pray for those who had a chance to be better, but ruined that opportunity.

I pray for those who lost their love ones.

I pray for those who have never felt the happiness of being in a family.

I pray for those in jail, who had no other option, but the position they're in now.

I pray for those, who I gave money to on the streets to get something to eat.

I pray for those, who gave up their life, in order for their country to be free.

I pray for those children who are suffering to have something to eat, and a loving family.

I pray for who gave up their life, so others can live their life in serenity.

I pray for those who had no other option but the choice they made.

I pray for things I know and the things I will come to know.

I pray for the people who abused and raped me, and those who were once a victim like me.

I pray for knowing the truth about my mother’s life that was mixed with drugs, and my father who disappeared in the dusk, and left us.

I pray for the girl who I let boys rape, because I did not understand then, I was only in the first grade.

I pray for that girl who got smacked across your face, because she said something wrong in front of her boyfriend.

I pray for that character that opened her legs, and gave her an unpleasant feeling of having his kid in the end, and him leaving.

I pray for the I love you I told that special girl who in the end lost her virginity to my cousin.

I pray for that man who I robbed all the time, when in the end he only gave me his respect.

I pray for the church I stole money from, because I thought stealing from God was a way of getting easy forgiveness.

I pray for the darkness in my friend who took his life, because he lost the meaning of hope.

I pray for turning my back on my family, because I was too high on coke and dope.

I pray for Timothy, David, and Matthew my blood bothers I never knew.

I pray for my friend my only friend who I let go home alone, and I awoke to know she died crossing the road.

I pray for Mildred, Santos, Isabel, Marino, Filomena, Lucky, Olga, Girson, Thomas, Joshua, and the lady I never knew but said hi too, for they now live their life on the other side of the holy gates.

I cry praying to the person who said this "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do"(Luke 23:34) and I will always pray for you. Goodnight.

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