Dear Father


It’s been awhile or maybe I have never done this before, but I have my reasons now please listen to my roar. Why must I go through so much the moment I’m born and the nine months stuck in my mother’s womb? The fights about rent, work, and my mother’s midnight cravings.

The arguments about my mother’s labor being long, and the cost of it all. Why must I hear this pain before I’m even born? At birth it gets worst. Taught so many things that it really confuses me. I want to please everyone’s wish; I want to be the brightest kid anyone has ever seen. But why do so many people expect so much from me? Be a doctor to get loads of money, be a social worker so I can help people get through hard times like mommy and daddy.

The world filled with opportunities, but why must I have less and more than others? What society I belong in? Where must I be? Can I wear pink or blue? Would society judge me for my own decisions that they didn’t make for me? If everyone who wishes to have a beautiful life must have an education, then why not make it free so everyone can have that luxury. Every time I walk the streets I see someone asking for something to eat why they take the money first instead of the food offered? I guess money wins everything. Why do people fall in love when it hurts so much to sacrifice the things you already love for that special someone?

Sorry if I asked too many questions, but I want to know the truth. Are you really coming back? Where have you been? Are you too hurt to see us again, by us breaking the Ten Commandments? I never went to church to pray, but in my bed where I cried myself to sleep on your name “God help me, save me, and forgive me” I just want to know why we go through the things we do, and why we pray to you and never see you and why the bible is written by the people who have opinionated thoughts about you. I never judged you, but always asked about you.

Bless you,


Your Son

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