Lost Love

Wind blows threw my fingers as I waved good-bye.

Eyes filled with joy to see someone starting a new life.

I watched her go to him and grabbed his hands so tight.

Memories of her as a young girl seemed so yesterday, but it replays in my mind.

Her mother always told her to protect herself until the time felt right.

This gentleman came and took her by surprise with his charm.

Now, I see what she was telling me all along.

Mr. what is his name? Is Mr. Right.

She is daddy’s little girl for he tries to accept this one good-bye.

I kissed her on your cheek and said “I will miss you, but memories of us will never die”

Farewell, may you live life in peace and in good health.

She is so innocent. Will this person treat her right?

How did I manage to accept the fact that my ex-girlfriend got married to another guy?

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