Abortion Massacre


Tears fell down for the girl who had an abortion, due to her so called misfortune of having a man who played a child’s game and caused her pain. By leaving to another state with the final words “I’m not ready for this.” But he was more than ready to insert his cold love in her.

Tears fell as she pled to get on welfare, and get some slips from WIC, after living with her boyfriend at the age of fourteen, and catching him in their room with her sister’s boyfriend’s father’s step-kid. Tears really fell after she believed in the words he preached. “Sup ma, you ahh cutie thang, Are we going to hit it raw. You know I GOT love for you right? I got you, we going to be aight” Tears fell.

She worried about her parents reactions if they would ever find out about their unborn grandkid. He left her alone in sadness, and the one time she needed him for support. All he had in his mind was the word “abort” He never once considered her feelings about the situation. She’s the one giving up something inside, she’s the one killing a life, she’s the one who will feel that pain, and he dare to say “I’ll take you to Planned Parenthood” How could he ever feel like a man when he can’t care for her and an upcoming life? She believed in all his lies, because she thought everything that sounded good was love.

She stands alone in her bedroom after he flee to another state where he confessed “I have to see my baby’s mother I never told you about, I can’t take care of two babies, so I’m out.” The terror in his eyes made her mumble the words “Okay, I guess I’ll get an abortion, go with your other wife” He left her in the room they rented about ten miles from where he tricked her into going out with him. The same ten miles she regrets traveling to his arms. Her parents missed her absence, but she never told them where she was heading after school that afternoon. They assumed she was in basketball practice or something.

He came in a MTV “pimp my ride” show off car, where she was brainwashed to believing “Yo cutie, want to ride. I have nothing to do right now, do you wanna do something?” The image of her in a car like that got her believing she would be that pretty girl on the passenger side. She got in the car, and noticed his physical appearance. She must have thought he played football. Her parents called the police after she was nowhere to be found. Little did anyone know she was kept locked up in a dark room, like a sex toy.

No clues or traces to reach her in time. “That motherf*cker, if I ever see him again, it will be the last time I spread my legs. I’m going to put a bullet in his head” She wrote this in her diary, and wrote it with her baby’s blood. She was too young to know if Planned Parenthood could schedule an abortion for her, without telling anyone. Instead she took a hanger and inserted it inside her. “If I can’t get an abortion in a clinic, at least this way ‘it’ will die, and I don’t have to take care of it.” She went insane, painting the room red. The police received a tip on where she would be found. They bust the door down to find this young girl cover with blood, and she cried a smile with having said two words “it’s done”

Her parents hugged her tight, and they all began to cry. She told them the story, and they were happier to know that she was alright. The EMT personnel rushed her to the hospital to fix what she damaged inside her organs. The doctor came to the waiting room with a sad expression on his face. “Your daughter cut her organs badly, she is now internally bleeding. She may have a very low survival chance, but we are doing everything we can.” Her father and mother prayed for hope, as she slept on the hospital bed.

The man who caused this was later found. He admits he slept with her, but denies being her baby’s father. The doctors ran a pregnancy test on her. Something they should have already done, but the bleeding was what concerned them. The results was negative, the good news was she never was pregnant. He was charged for statutory rape, and kidnapping a child.

“I told her I didn’t use a condom one time, so she can get scare and run back home. I told her she was pregnant, and I was not going to take care of her.” She just wanted to be love, but not this type of love. So what a coward the man was for treating this girl so wrong. He got arrested, but this horror always lived inside her.

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