I am not that person to make you smile. The person you wish was always around.

For the times I tried to make you laugh, and instead I made you sad.

I could not be the one to hug you or the one to kiss you goodnight.

I could not hold your hand in those days you needed to be embraced.

I walked away and left you to cry.

I was too selfish to hear your feelings you had inside.

I could not be you would love, and the one to trust.

I did not write you letters when I said that I promise I would.

If I did not listen to your words you screamed in agony. The same ones I now hear clearly.

You had to feel pain.

You felt that life was just a game.

I sometimes can’t find the words to express.

If I have failed you like the rest.

I did not speak up for you when your voice was not heard.

I let someone else love you before I had the chance.

I did not reach far enough for your hand.

I could not love you in time.

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