Just leave me alone


I don’t want to be crucified because I’m gay…

or by a colorful flag to expose who I’m really am…

You think we’re all equal?

Then why the United States constitution states that “all men shall be equal” whatever happened to woman?

You think this country is free…Only to the lie you live. Thinking and acting upon what society wants us to believe.

Boy is Blue and Girl is Pink….If I put a dress on my son…what would this world think…or you may think maybe my child is just Scottish.

I don’t want the word Discrimination in the dictionary…or the phase “And the land of the free” because we’re not.

People like you…keep us in a closet with a clock in one hand and a knife in the other, wondering when will time change or should our time end.

My time is your time and your time is my time so don’t separate what’s really happening…

I don’t want to be pulled over on the highway because my bumper says “Allah is coming”

I just want to be left alone…

I don’t want to die in the emergency room,

because my insurance card didn’t say approved.

I don’t want to deck down whenever I hear a plane go by.

Just leave me alone…

You think you know but you don’t.

You think you know the answers but you have no clue…

I don’t know either, so that leaves me with you wondering how I got here in the first place and how I ended up with you.

You think you different but you’re not.

I have what you got. Air in my lungs, a heart, and eyes that witness your hate because I’m pride to be who I am and you disapprove…

Well, sorry, since when I needed your approval.

I am who I am and I don’t give a damn about your silly slang that degrades who I am.

Just leave me alone.

(Written by: Ray-mon Espada & Felix Lugo)

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