Curses Too Critic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part One

Reverse thinking, writing blindly,
mental skydiving; loving madly
throughout the night...burning
dreams away, another soft
parade has begun, a new dawn


A new flame burns the morning
oil creating clouds in the hour
glass; another digital bath will
electrocute her soul; the first
bath burned out our eyes...
stoned immaculately-


Accurately impaired vision, I 

am in the driver's seat, no help

too light my fire; too high too

kiss the sky, I will continue

writing curses and invocations

under the wire-


While she sleeps, my mind
wonders, returns, then wonders
again...somewhere, I do not 

know! The crystal ship is ready

to set sail again; strange people

in the corridors; excuse my

confusion, I am walking thru the

halls of mirrors-


Converse with my reflection,
attracting attention to myself,
burning the glass of time with
God's fire; sins are my desire-


It is 8:55AM with heavy eyelids;
people's dilated voices confusing
the voices in my head, shadows
dance under the sun; if I sleep
now I will miss the end of
yesterday, the return of the
monster...the father I am, the
unknown poet I have become.