What I Know/I Don't

It is a remix in my mind through the airwaves

searching channels to connect with those

moments in time that seemed unforgettable,

yet have simply forgotten; what I know I don't

understand...following my misleading heart,

"The feeling was right, I doubt the feeling is true!"

Jesus saves on Earth, I am on a solo flight

through outer space, many galaxies with black

holes, Quantum leaps of faith crashing with the

stars creating Supernovas of the mind; what I

know I don't care I knew...living daily lies- the

backside of the Sun is colder than the dark side

of the Moon; living on Mars is not the same as

understanding Venus; lips between the hips can

be deceiving if kisses the lips are not receiving

(pin-this) to the wild side of your mind; what I

know I don't...lessons in life as I grow, teach me,

keep me out of liberty's reach, it is mental

freedom I search for; what I know I don't want too

anymore, let alone remember when I was an

innocent child thought formality was the law of

the land until I was old enough to conceptualize

formalism was the rules my father formed inside

his castle; when the gate was raised and bridge

lowered I roamed freely metamorphosis a wild

child, a child of the night...I continue to roam freely-

unforgiven; what I know I don't bother preaching,

practical traits on standstill; a rebel with much

cause, stubborn like my newborn, reluctant to

change like showers in May, and a broken heart,

which continues thinking, "Better days are coming,

it was written in the stars." A personal setup for a

shattered heart, breaking spider webs of discontent;

what I know I don't intend to share with anyone;

information given can lead one to suicidal tendencies,

envy, and bias opinions; what do you know about the

lack of orgies!?

Soulkritic® 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Knowledge is power if one can understand what one knows!

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