Breathe Again

The rhythm of life, a cycle to live by;

a daily routine....

Challenges, obstacles, and struggles

become our focus, we lose track of

time even our place, our mind

wonders in a space we create;

we accustom ourselves to automatic

pilot breathing losing the practice to

simply take a deep breath, exhale,

and breathe again-

Relieve all stress, control your mind,

meditate, and learn to stop, let time

stand still and breathe-

I was an impatient man, my wants

were now never later; now never

came, and later took forever....

On a Black Sunday my grandmother

died, and my daughter was born;

she was full of color, hope, joy, and

reassurane; I knew then better days

were ahead....

I smiled, I cried tears of happiness;

I held her close to my heart, took a

deep breath, exhaled, and breathe

again....patience settled; I now wait,

if things are meant to be it will be!

day by day we must learn to breathe


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stop take a deep breath, exhale, and breathe again....

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