The Letter


This is the letter I never wrote to her;

the letter she will never receive...


This letter is un-addressed like a heart

with no correspondence, and an empty

envelope without a stamp...


This letter was intended to a lover of 

mine; she is someone else's lover now...


The letter read,


"Last night was increadible, time stood

still and my heart completely stopped."


These words she will not read and 

never know I wrote them; for the sake

of poetry I am glad she did not 

inpire one to write; although this letter

has the tendancies to become one...


Before the words unravel the letter

finished with, "Even though this hurts

me, I cannot see you anymore." 


Ironically, she left me first- 


This letter will go in the box with no


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The unwritten letter...

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