Lost or '...

Not that I am lost in the abyss of my sins, 
nor conceal the strangest of the dark; 
it is simply the path I am walking. 

I hope to get to the light before my death, 
at times I feel that any day can be my last, 
other days I feel invisible, omnipotent 
moreover, omniscient; like God.

but if you ask me if, “I understand the 
miracles of life,” honestly I will answer,


"I do not even understand myself, and I 
am a miracle. "


Not that I am lost, but decided to take the 
wide road, because in this path the night 
elves accompany me to a new tomorrow, 
they understand me. 


Yes, I confess my soul is lost and confused 
by what the future holds with the mother 
of my daughter; I know that when she is 
born I will take rein.


Not that I am lost; simply I just
don’t give a fuck! 



copyright2013 #soulkritic

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