Wonderwall- (after an epiphany….or random thought, actually I forgot!)

Everything that is suppose to make sense is now more

confusing than before—love comes in three’s, but so

does death…interesting!

You could find salvation through prayer and redemption

before; deliverance comes with a price tag these days; I

just get high and kiss the sky…

Experience came with practice, nowadays a few practice

what they preach, and many preach bullshit to ignorant

ears who confirm their ignorance with an Amen!

Chivalry is dead; unless you open the door for those

behind you, in which I always do.

Maturity came with age and wisdom—now it does not

matter, as long as you survive and get by, fuck r.e.s.p.e.c.t.

Daydreaming is more common today than a dream while


Keeping in touch meant to actually go out of your way to

connect with those you miss; social media has taken away

the value of personal interaction, its called Facebook now,

“Have you heard of it.”

Patience was an essence to uphold; if you have money you

can bypass waiting; time is money and too precious to wait.

Change is no longer a good thing; some folks are better off

the way they are…a sudden change can be detrimental.

I was told parenthood would make me feel complete; that

was a lie; death is complete, the end—

Friendships were about bonding, a mutual connections,

nowadays it consist of how much money you make, the

cars driven, a lavish lifestyle…and if you are an addict like

me, you are left alone; fine with me.

Loneliness is more comforting than peers are and these

pages are more counseling than a shrink is.

The wink of an eye meant admiration; nowadays sexual

harassment in most workplaces, I do not flirt with just

anyone at work, I have my favorites ;) wink, wink!

Things do not have to make sense anymore, as long as

you get your point across, how it is perceive is not your

problem…you are either with it or out!

Chose your battles or continue fighting the same war;

eventually, someone will run out of ammunition first.

Reservations are for the elite; everyone else is on a first

come first serve basis…I am usually the last to arrive

and the first to be served….I got it like that! I think!

People use to say life is a wonderful thing; today all

you will hear is life is a bitch and then you die…

”Well isn’t that the fucken truth!"


I am more confused now than when I began writing

this piece…FML!!

copyright2013 #soulkritic

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Just say it, don't delay it!!

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