Untitled 1.1-Maybe you can call it The Head Chef...(freshly brewed)

Untitled Series


So much food on my plate I started

giving it away to starving minds

unable to masticate their own

thoughts then regurgitating the 

words the heart feels...


Writer's block is the diagnosis; a 

mental disease that hinders the mind

from processing the hearts feelings

into concrete emotions, "Yadayada

yada," is all I heard!


Giving up with the words on the tip 

of their tongues; eventually, all the

person can do is complain and blame

it on writer's block.


Here is the best part...there is no

writer's block; It is all in his/her head. 

It should be mind over matter...


For these type of writer's the matter

at hand they really don't mind or 

care for; therefore unable to cook

his/her own meals...


Delicious platters with variety of ins-

piring words so fulfilling there is no 

room for desert. 


There is no fire that burns the passion

within, and we all know that a meal 

cooked without love will taste un-

seasoned and dry..


I would rather hear a writer say, 

"I am tired." than state that he/she is

a victim of writer's block. 


Nevertheless, I always have room for

desert; I am the Head Chef...

"Dinner is served."



"Go wash your hands first before

you write; I don't care for dirty










Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's for dinner?

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