Blue Eyes with a smile

We communicate, and dedicate our hearts

to the spoken word, bleeding poetry.

Her blue eyes captivate me, I got lost in


A poetress like no other, shares her ideas

like I do mine!

A mutual respect is felt through the air

waves, and even though thousands of

miles seperate our poems, my thoughts of

her are closer to my heart.

The beautiful thing about people is that a

perfect stranger can become a genuine


I will admit her blue eyes done me in; did

I mention her radiant smile. 

She's a few years more mature than I am,

I appreciate and like mature women, she

could teach me a thing or two.

Where ever you lay tonight find warmth

when you think about me, as I'm thinking

about you tonight!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm a sucker for blue eyes :)

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