Plain and Simple

When I was in my teens I beat boxed to

Biz Markie in my room; listening to

Power106 in East LOS the music got me

dancing, I cared less if I made any friends,

so I just let it be; truthfully, many of my

friends became best enemies.

They started hating on my grammar,

unpolitically trying to correct me.

These were my Junior High years when I

started listening to LL Cool J

(Ladies Love Cool James)

I was fresh like 88’ and KRS-One with Z

Cavaricci’s (Ladies Love Cool Serge)

without a fade just a wave in my hair and

colorful spotted dress shirts.

“Boombopbopboombop” I kept the beat

boxing simple as I was creating the rhyme-

sayer I became to be, but I don’t rap, maybe

floetry, yet nowadays its poetry.

AKA SoulCritic-poet, act like you know it or

learn about it; don’t be surprised if you gave

me a beat and I drop thirty-two bars on the

track, because sixteen just isn’t enough!

My ambition was lyrical, and then it became

critical, cynical, and more spiritual.

I remember writing a verse on the cover of my

Pee Chee folder then a hater scribbled over it

and said my rhyme was whack!

He got his ass kicked for nonconstructive

criticism, but the beat down wasn’t related;

Karma came to collect! I made an emphasis to

be the chosen one, proudly stated it, and when I

was high like kite I yelled it, talked shit, and

backed it up.

Today, you’ll find me eyes low, semi red

(Clear Eyes for my red eyes) if you don’t believe

me, take a look at my DL…that’s right I still

blaze like Johnny, listen to Cypress Hill,

contemplating ‘How I Could just Kill a Man.’

Revolution of the SoulCritic-poet is in full affect,

you’re either with me, support me or get out of

my way! Haters silently hate! Plain and simple!   

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hater's go on Hate!!

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