Poems in Colors

Black is the color of sins; my spirit within is Black.

Black are the shades that hide my eyes from the

light of day. Black is the color underneath my eyes

from restless nights; nocturnal poet rise! Black are

my thoughts but don’t call me Talib Kweli Mos

Definitely. Black is my second favorite color; I

blend in the night and shadows about. Black Hoes

are scandalous; loud ass bitches on the corner of

Maple and Shields. Black is the smoke of exhaust

from my neighbors beat up car; one of these days

I’m calling DMV. Black is darkness the color of

my pupils; wait, I’m lying they’re brown, like my

skin. Black is the color of negligence, hate, and

death. Black just happens to be the match to every

color alive. Black is strong, bold, statement, and

punctuation. Black is associated with Satan and so

is red. Black is the color of my little book of notes;

which I never leave home without. Black is the

swan I meet two weeks ago; turns out she was a

free bird with a blue bird tattoo. Black goes with

everything; I think I said this before, not in these

words but I meant the same. Some of my best

friends are Black; sounds racist Afro-American I

will say. Black are the wishing stars that never

granted my wishes. Black is the apple witches eat

on Halloween. Black Holes in space will soon

consume the galaxy and every planet within reach.

Black is my soul, which I no longer owe. Black

when I attack.  

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