Poems in Colors

Blue to describe a feeling; the sky is blue

(tell that to the blind) they will say blue

is the clue you never knew.

Blue is the mood of the down and weary.

Blue is the color of a boy, but nowadays

boys like pink and girls too!

Blue is the color of embarrassment when

someone's secret comes to light.

Blue was the name of a bitch in the streets

that was run over by blue car.

Blue was the color of my first car, and no

I did not run over the bitch.

Blue was the bus I rode to county jail;

a five day stay without bail.

Blue happens to be my favorite color not


Blue was the color of her hair; she said it

was her permanent color,

"Bitch you're wearing a wig."

Blue was her face after I slapped her silly.

Blue are you if think this poem is true.

Blue, what else is new?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you're Blue a book!

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