I Like...

I like writing at night,

when the wind blows

and the moon yellow

and full like a resplendent quetzal

gliding across the dark sky; all is quite,

except my thoughts, they are born
every second of the day!

I think about the thought that I just thought.

I will die thinking!

I like to write when sleep is considered and dreams

are rendered
only to those who chose to dream at night, but forget

what they dreamed of upon
awakening, living the nightmare by day!

I like to write in the still of the
night, in the perpetual silence as the wind steadily passes by;

giving me time
to write a stanza or two, sometimes I leave them as is naming

them midnight

I like to write when my fingers are weary from writing all day

blood stains from paper cuts upon my poems;

my hands have a mind of their own.
I like to write at night secluded from people, secluded from time;

is found in the shadows like fermented drinks the best stays at the

bottom; one
must converse with the shadows to get the best from them!

I like to write and
only hear my voice as I think out loud, no one hears me,

so no one can critique
me, and everyone is scared too anyways!

I like to write when numbness takes over my
body and the only feeling I have is above my eye lids heavy but

won’t give up
until my work is done!

I like to write under the moonlight gleaming like the
sun, next to the breeze coming in through the window, which

reminds me that
sleep is conquering my thoughts,

and words are skipped and edited the next day!
I like to write in the dark about darkness and our friendship for over 25
years; only death can take this joy away!

Even then I’ll write from my grave
calling them writings on the wall!

I like to write in my dreams when I sleep,
sometimes, some nights!!

I like to write because I can!!! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

simply because I can!!

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