"Remind me to care when other push

you away- leave, and abandon you

like non-existent...
Remind me to keep you warm under

my wing when your tears become

heavy and cold...
Remind me to love you when those

you love don't return the favor like

your doing to me..
Remind me that you're sweet, that

you don't taste anything like your

bitter words...
Remind me to walk away when you

begin to walk back to your past, your

troubled past!
Remind me you were my first love,

that your becoming my last lust with

a one-night stand...
Remind me that I don't need you

killing my vibe every time we ride,

you can start walking now...
Remind me that life isn't fair, so I can

keep myself away from you without

caring or missing you..
Remind me to stay each day firm to

the word, take steps forward and

forth with no delay...
Remind me to keep composing poetry
every time I feel the rage to be

discontent by your games...
Remind me that tomorrow will never

be the same, and I should begin

erasing you from my memory today..
Remind me to remind myself that this

will be our last reminisce, I insist, now

let me remind you..."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How many times will you be reminded!!

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