Witching Hour

You can speak to the dead if

you have faith, different

languages you will understand,

find inspiration in the darkest

of night. Ghouls and ghost

wander endlessly searching for

the light, evil throughout the

land is divided amongst the

cruel hearts poisoning the mind

of the meek. The witching hour

is also the hour where family,

friends, and foe meet their faith.

"I could've swore he was

speaking to her directly when we

was talking about how he was

upset because she died with

UNanswered questions."

I feel for him. I'm sad. However,

I must decide, which road I will

continue this morning, sunrise to

the East, the West is the Best! A

collector of debt; the thief in the

night will be knocking on his

door at first sunlight...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

He still hasn't paid me!!!

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