New World Order


'Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum'


The Eye that sees all is keeping a

closer watch on society, you can't

miss it or say you don't know

about the all seeing eye; you'll

find it on every dollar bill you

spend, get paid with! If you pay

a closer look, Moloch the owl god

can be found on the same dollar



Every Masonic Temple symbolize it-

The Eye of Providence with Ancient

Egyptian occult origin; once know

as The Eye of Horus (a pagan god)

The Order of Sculls and Bones is

the Central Intelligence Agency...a

branch of The Illuminati.


Nick names are given to protect

and hide the true identity of

members; most of them world

leaders. George W.H. Bush was

known as Magog; a Greek

apocalyptic figure...

Barack Hussein Obama is probably

known as 'Black Devil' in our secret



My theory is, a black man was

choosen to rule a nation, where

black folks were once slaves...the

spirits of the south rolled-over

twice in their graves the day Obama

was inaugurated.


A calculated move by Internal Affairs

Commission to keep the American

people's mind away from the real

truth; these ongoing wars, threats

of nuclear ones to come, all leading

to the Revelations written and

spoken from a book, called a bible.

Every President and Higher

Authorities are all puppets of the

New World Order!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Will you join or mislead??

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